GS Castings

About Us

G.S. Castings is a renowned fasteners manufacturing company having global work experience of more than 15 years. In 1999, we started the manufacturing of HCL soil pipes and fittings (IS:1729, CML No. 9260374). Thereafter we added C.I. D/F pipes (IS:7181, CML No. 9585507) and C.I. Specials (IS: 5531, CML No. 9590597). Our product supply chain is build up of a long list of public and private sector clients including Government of Haryana and Government of Rajasthan.
Since 2012, we switched over to the manufacturing of high quality nuts and bolts which are widely used in all the Industries namely Automobile, Construction, Irrigation, Railways, Thermal, Electrification, Telecommunication Tower etc. Click Here to read more

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